Belostra 6th April 2024

Belostra all day event is back! After a break, we have secured a new venue to hosts our events again.
Date: 6th April 2024
Time: 12 midday ~ 11pm
Venue: Cryer Arts Centre,  39 High St, Carshalton SM5 3BB
What to expect: Live music, market stalls, readers, talks and workshops.  A chance to dance, laugh and re-connect with all flavours of the Pagan community and Pagan friendly folks.
Tickets: £15 all day - £9 evening only (5pm - 11pm)
There is also bar with good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food options. 
Local shops and car park.

Confirmed Entertainment
(in the Main Theatre)



  Davy Dodds

The Kimberleys

Decommissioned Forests

The Craving


Madder Mills Molly Morris

Pentacle Drummers
Tree Moonstorm Ulfhednar - Tribal Fusion Dance

Market Stalls

Open from 12 noon - 6pm  
A great selection of stalls and readers.  (A few pics from some  of our stallholders below. )


1 pm ~ Annie Bond

Lunar Zodiac

Annie explains how you can work with the Moon Phases as they pass through the Zodiac signs throughout the Astrological Year to understand, grow and develop your skills, talents and self knowledge through the deeper levels of the Tarot Signs that the Moon illuminates.
The Lunar Zodiac can become a constant companion that complements all other magical, ritual and self improvement techniques, as learning about and improving yourself is a life long journey. Each year the Moon revisits the Phases and Signs and each time we can go deeper, learn more and grow wiser

2pm ~ Kassie Hardy

Reconnecting to your Intuition through Incense Making

Over time we have lost the connection of trusting our intuition as a guidance tool to keeping us well and safe.
This fun but simple workshop will encourage you to trust how you feel when you select your ingredients to make your incense.
Release your inner witch.

3pm ~ Charlie Hall

The Musical Medium

Musician, Medium, Paranormal Writer, Researcher and Brand Ambassador of Haunted Magazine. 
Originally from Northern Ireland, she learnt a lot about Celtic mysticism and practice through her cosmic druid and musician father, Clive Culbertson, (ex Van Morrison). Charlie will walk you through the wealth of knowledge and experience she has gained from the many paths she has studied and people she has worked with.      

Charlie regularly gives mediumship messages, visits haunted places and writes for Haunted magazine, striving to advance and looking forward to many more exciting adventures ahead.

4pm ~ Suzie Quartly

SKHM - Heart based energy

SKHM is a heart based energy discovered by Patrick Zeigler in 1979 after contriving to spend a night in The Great Pyramid in Egypt. Suzie became friends with Patrick in the late 1990's and became the first person in UK to whom he granted a teachers certificate.
As a living energy it changes and grows as it is used. Come and find out how it is presenting to Suzie currently as a journey to the bottom of your soul.

5pm ~ Geoff Mitchell 

Dowsing practices and techniques

Geoff is the Chair of Waverley dowsers based in Godalming, Surrey. He has been dowsing for many years, and will be talking about how the mind helps dowsing success and techniques that can be used.