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Meet the event organisors

Here we are, in no particular order, (more disorder really) the Pagan Future Fests team!


Artura - Hi I have been in the Pagan World since forever I am a Shaman and an Entrepreneur. I have traded under the banner of DragonMOE, creating all sorts of items for public perusal.  There are also many of the Dragon Drums and Drummers out there who still use my Drums. My Motto is If It Can Be Created, Then I Will Give It A Go.


Russell – Having been a Pagan for more years than I care to remember, well more than I can remember, my major interests lie in animal lore and the history of Pagan peoples. As a Pagan I follow the way of the God and Goddess equally, with neither taking the fore. From the heart, Blessed Be.


Suzie - I have been following the Pagan path for as long as I can remember as Hedge (not a member of any coven). My particular interests are around herbalism, both healing and culinary and the balance between the God & Goddess. I believe in celebrating the similarities between faiths rather than criticising the differences.


Steve Leo is an artist and writer whose artwork has featured in magazines including 'Pagan Dawn' and 'Tooth & Claw' and at various exhibitions and pagan conferences. Much of his work is influenced by an interest in earth energies, sacred landscapes and the rugged coastline and moorlands of his native Westcountry. 


If you see us at an event, please come and say Hi.

From the heart, Blessed Be